Blonde a beautifully long story

   Classic blonde vs. natural blonde

Balayage a friend of blending

   Tick tack toner ready set go

Bling Bling Blonde

   Fast & Light

Blonde reset - correction

   Blonde meets Social Media and your guests

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   Pro Teilnehmer 550 CHF inkl. Mittagessen



The Business of Styling 10.00-17.00

Set yourself up to win

   Foundation goes creative

The Business of Styling

   Mood board for your guests

Icons – Fashion & Hair

   Beautifully undone

Max. 5 Teilnehmer

   Pro Teilnehmer 450 CHF inkl. Mittagessen


Life of a Hairdresser behind the scenes

   Guest experience

Washhouse your money maker

   ABC of  color application

Take Home – Reception

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   Pro Teilnehmer 350 CHF inkl. Mittagessen


Day 1

Chemist meets colorist

   Haircolor a long story

Day 2

All about Blonde

   From Balayage to Highlights

Day 3

Consultation is key

   Color Correction 

Day 4

The Art of Block Color

   Hair color with dimension

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